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Nordic 800x500 Stainless Steel

SKU: 50035  /  

Rating: 5/5

Product Nordic
Height 800mm
Bredd 500mm
Depth 54-70mm
Litres 5,8
Kg 1,8
Power W 300
Connection R15
Materials Stainless Steel
Heater Hydronic/Electric
Quality/color Stainless Steel 50035

Nordic stainless steel towel rail is with its unique design and high quality of a product we will gladly demonstrate Carbe for our customers. With a stainless towel warmer can you connect it to the system as you wish. With a combined towel warmer radiators do you get two products in one. You get an energy efficient towel warmer and, above all, a great value heated towel Rails. Electric Towel warmers have long been the only thing that existed in the market earlier. Today we'd like to say radiator heated towel rail.                                                                                                                          A chrome towel rail passes not always demands of pressure and aggressiveness of the media added. When you connect to a hot water circulation management, one must use the correct quality of product.                                                                          Vvc is very common in large buildings and hotels, but have become more common, even in houses where people want high standard.  So in many cases uses towel warmer as a warmer and don't have to drag heating ducts vvc and radiators in many areas. In hot water systems, we have a big problem and it is legionella bacteria, these bacteria thrive in hot stationary wiring, to know that bacteria have to get the right temperature in the pipes and ensure that there are no pockets where water can stand still. The temperature should rise above 62 degrees to kill legionella. By vvc needed towel rail in stainless steel. An important point about legionella is that there are no old water pipes that are not used. You have to disconnect these wires to avoid standing water. If you are unsure whether you have these problems, contact a related.                                                                                                                                            If you do not switch on the vvc there are more connection options. Carbe recommends that you turn on the heating system pipes with our valves. But you'll get a cheaper operation over time. Today most buildings already carried out energy-saving measures, often in the form of heat pumps.  Electricity is often a cartridge that you put in a bunch of time and in the other a two pipe valve. El cartridge must be connected to ground terminal in order to avoid that you get an energized towel rail. In summer, usually the heating system shuts down automatically, so the advantage of electric heating is that the Towel dryer works during the warm season.  

We recommend you to use an electric installation firm.                                                                                                                                 

Nordic are available in several colors and there are valves in all colors. See also Carbe other products. There is a number of designed radiators/radiator and of course more models on towel Rails. An element does not have to look boring, but can act as a work of art while it fills a function.


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