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Elegance 1000x400 Gold

SKU: 53207  /  

Rating: 5/5

Product Elegance
Height 1000mm
Bredd 400mm
Depth 54-70mm
Litres 3
Kg 9,8
Power W 473
Connection R15
Materials Stainless Steel
Heater Hydronic/Electric
Quality/color Gold 53207

Elegance is a towel warmer with a classic design; it is energy efficient and effective towel rail. Then the tubes are divided into groups makes it easy to hang up a towel. The stainless steel material cannot stain on fabrics and is easy to keep clean.                           The material is stainless, of high quality and tested in the factory with 60 bar pressure. All welds and joints checked carefully. Material selection means that you may use this product for so-called hot water circulation. Most products on the market are chrome towel rail and these are not resistant to high pressures and aggressive environment. VVC is one of the most difficult water heating that you could have in your home as it adds new oxygen and heat constant. We at Carbe has consideration that you can also use the products that combined towel warmer and heating elements. Where the material is homogeneous and has no surface treatment gives the product large heat output. Most wet room has an element that is connected to the heating system. If you are replacing the element with an Elegance you get a heater with the function and save location. Not to forget that the Towel dryer is a product that has a high design factor.It is possible to connect the Towel dryer with heat. What we recommend is a hand control and no thermostat there is only one advantage that the heat is higher in a wet area to dry out the space as soon as possible. It is also possible to connect the Towel dryer with a el patron at one end and then you should use a product with the thermostat. El cartridge can also be controlled with a timer in the cubicle to save on electricity costs. Most households today have already carried out energy-saving measures, e.g. heat pump then it is an advantage to not heat shuts off, this is due to the more modern heat pumps regulate the enter the heat and then the familiar rules of house equipment needs of heat on the Towel dryer. It is possible to mount vertically but does not work as a towel rail but as an element.                                                                                                                             Then there are several colors to choose from, you can get a unique design to your bathroom. The colors are produced using a patented method that can be compared with alloy. This means that the color sits properly on the steel. The colors available include stainless steel, gold, black, chamelont and bronze. The products are available in all colors including velvets. At Elegance from Carbe also provides accessories such as extra tube coming off the Towel dryer. There are extra buds in different design; there is even a hanger that can be likened to a shelf with rods. Product names used on these products is Style, Smart and Flex.When it comes to design of Towel dryer should a professional do this but we can give you some guidance on the subject. If you are counting 50 watts per square meter and the House is more modern, this won’t be enough.In order to cope with a mounting the towel rail is no need for special products, but there are four mounting points with large escutcheon.                                                                                       We at Carbe can give our motto for the business idea and it is quality ' development and knowledge. Then you can remove an element, it is also an affordable heated towel rail. Staff has a background in plumbing and many have worked on previous installation, so a long experience within the walls. If you have any questions (there are no bad questions, only bad answer) feel free to take to contact us and we will help you in all matters. One tip is to contact your plumber for help and tips; they usually sit on the vast experience the wet room


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