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Nevada 800x500

SKU: 50016  /  

Rating: 5/5

Product Nevada
Height 800mm
Bredd 500mm
Depth 54-70mm
Litres 1,8
Kg 8,5
Power W 268
Connection R15
Materials Stainless Steel
Heater Hydronic/Electric
Quality/color Stainless Steel 50016

Nevada is a stainless steel towel rail with classic design and high quality. Practical design with greater distance between the steel tubes allows an easy looking to hang, for example. towels on. There is a large variety of different sizes, which makes it easier to find the right product and the right size.                                                                                                   Carbe has a philosophy that design also features. So we recommend that you remove your old radiator and dimensioning an energy-efficient, a towel dryer instead.                                                                                                                                                 A combined towel warmer elements gives you two products in one, and you do not have to the old element. The common elements are often made of metal which is then varnished. If the paint disappears, it is common that the element begins to rust; it is not uncommon for the rust to the hole and get a leak.                                                                                     There is a large market of electric towel Rails which have the next exclusion have been used in the past. With a product from Carbe needed towel better then you do not have to an energized towel rail and get an effective towel rail instead.                                                                                                                                                                                  It goes of course to link Nevada with an electric cartridge and then there will be an electric towel rail. You can also connect with electricity and water. What we recommend is Nevada towel warmer water to get a better value heated towel Rails.                                                                                                                                                                                                           There is more access options than water-borne heating and electricity and vvc heater. Hot water recirculation needs a stainless towel warmer than this water is aggressively because of the heat and the oxygen will be added all the time. If you need the vvc heater, you should think about protecting yourself against legionella. Legionella is very dangerous if it occurs in e.g. in a shower. The important thing is to keep the correct temperature for a vvc facility and it are at least 62 degrees in order to know that the bacteria dies out.                                                                                  Mount the Towel dryer is very easy because it requires only four anchors in the wall and has large filler brackets.                               As for the connection of water and electricity, you should contact an installer who has experience with this. It is always an advantage if the craftsmen are involved in the planning from the beginning, because they often have large and long experience of working together and planning the bathroom. Tile the typesetter should also be involved in the process, and then he shall be responsible for the wet room products and warranties on this. There are many rules concerning wet areas and policies change frequently. So to avoid problems, he should attend.

Nevada has several different sizes with heights of 800 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm Widths of 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm. Carbe recommend that you use the valves are for products when we know that they have high quality.

See also Carbe other products with designed elements in brushed stainless steel in several designs and sizes. An element does not need to look like they do today. There are options with shape and design.                                                                         We would be pleased to assist you when all Carbe on company has a background in plumbing. Most have worked as installers and can help you with technical support. It is common for us to talk and help you get fitter to a good end product that you will enjoy for many years.



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